Psychic Terms When Text Messaging

Texting and SMS messaging has become huge in the past few years.

Why call when you can text Psych-Hub.

Here are some terms that you can text when texting a psychic.

Clairaudient Text Messaging

For those who believe that they live in a house or area that
is haunted, a clairaudient psychic is called in to find out who is
haunting and why they have stayed behind. Being clairaudient does
not mean that a person is not completely sane. Many clairaudient
psychics use their abilities for purposes such as helping the police
find out who murdered a victim or simply to communicate to a living
person the message of their deceased loved one. Text today!

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Clairsentient TXT Messaging

Most psychics with this ability find it hard to be in
areas that are near churches or cemeteries, both new and old. It is
believed that after some are laid in to the ground, their spirit
will roam the grounds in search of others who they know or simply
because they have not accepted the fact that they have died. A
psychic with clairsentient abilities will also allow them to
transfer good feelings from a healthy person to a sick person.

Clairvoyance Text Messaging

Psychic hotlines and chat rooms boast a population of those who
have the gift of clairvoyance and those who seek their visions and
advice. According to Webster’s dictionary, the proper definition of
clairvoyance is “an acute intuitive insight or perceptiveness, or
the supposed power to see objects or events by one’s extra
perceptivity senses”. Clairvoyant people are those who believe that
they have the power to see into the future, see the past, and
communicate with those who have passed on from this life. These
powers can reveal themselves to people who are as young as small
children or can suddenly show themselves to elderly people as they
are preparing to pass on.

Déjà vu: Have You Experienced It Before?

. Millions of individuals claim to have had at least
one déjà vu experience before. With a high number of déjà vu
believers there are many people who want to learn more.

A feeling of déjà vu can happen at just about anytime. It is not
uncommon for the feeling to come about when traveling, meeting with
friends, or hearing news reports. Many people report the feeling of
déjà vu when they are traveling to a new area.


When someone can psychically feel the emotions of another person,
animal or place, they are called an empath.   Even people who
put on a brave face and try to hide their feelings can have their
true feelings read by an empath.

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