And concerning Dark Souls 2… It was even more beautiful but not as interesting as the 1st. Got lost in Dark Souls 2, had to check the Wiki from time to time… And when i was going from one place to another, it wasn’t looking as part of the same country, but more like another world in another galaxy lol… so for me i had the feeling that there were absolutely no connections between the places i was exploring…

Everything looked connected !

Like in Dark Souls the first, where you knew there was a citadel there… but couldn’t enter it yet, you knew there were some mysteries to uncover just behind that door, but it was out of your grasp for the moment. That feeling that everything was part of the same plot, that i didn’t felt in Dark Souls 2, was back in the 3rd episode ! In Dark Souls 3 i knew exactly what to do, even if the path was sometimes leading me astray from my goals, i knew there was something to do below… in order to access the upper levels ! I wasn’t lost this time.

Harder, more Nervous and simply better !

In Dark Souls the first episode… apart from the very last boss and the DLC boss, the game wasn’t pushing you against the wall, meaning you could achieve every battles just by blocking with a big shield, as rolling was an option and not something you had to learn well in order to survive.

In Dark Souls 2 some bosses were a little more nervous ! But some others were really easy… i remember having killed a few of them on first try, which is generally strange in a Dark Soul to succeed against a new boss… even more if you’re a casual player like me, it meant that without any strategy you could win, just by bashing hard with a Big Club !

In Dark Souls 3 i felt the pain and the nervousness right from the start ! Even the easiest opponents were acting faster, running towards you and if you were hesitating a little too much, you were dead in no time. But i think it was the first Boss who made me understand how Dark Souls 3 was going to treat me ! As always i began as a “Deprived”, meaning the hardest way to begin the game… but against this First Boss it was a PAIN !

Nothing comparable to the first Boss of Dark Souls… this Big Demon that you could easily kill even as a Deprived ! No this time it was like “What the Fuck !” because i think i died at least 10 or 15 times ! (if not 20 lol ?) But in the end it’s a good thing, because it clearly gives you a good view of how the game is going to be with you ! In Dark Souls III, a boss battle is a boss battle ! You have to concentrate on what you’re doing, you have to react fast and not one second too late or it’s over for you ! Clearly… the devs wanted you to play “Serious” this time.

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