Mold Remediation Advice A Homeowners Night Mare

We would like to share some valuable information about our home and our mold damage repair story. Most people are excited to show off their wonderful homes. In this case, this is not true! After the last nail was hit, the check cleared, here is the harsh reality….

Our home is ruined with water damage and mold throughout the whole house. Upon inspection after inspection, health experts consider this house to be deadly and not to be inhabited! So what is the recourse for vulnerable new homeowners who are suffering with significant health problems due to mold poisoning? A normal person would realize they made a mistake and own up to it for every single ethical reason. This is NOT the case.

For EVERY HOMEOWNER, please read through this article. Also, if you have a story to tell, please email us and let us know how your dream home experience has been ruined.

Any Home Can Be Ruined By Mold Damage

After working hard for 20 years to achieve the reality of buying my wife and family our dream home we were so excited to close on our dream home. But within months of closing, we started to have some cracks coming in the sheetrock. Over the next several months, repairs were made over and over again in some cases. But the problems continue to come back and worse. We had structural problems, A/C unit problems, leaking doors, windows, roof etc. I decided to hire an independent engineer to come out and see what the problems were. Three pages worth of defects was given to us by the engineer. We were CRUSHED!! Over the next months and years, we continue to have more problems, leaks, structural issues, mold etc. Our dream had turned into a devastating NIGHTMARE! We were forced to go to arbitratration because we made the mistake and signed the arbitration agreement clause in our contract. After arbitration, we were awarded nothing!

Environmental companies have come out and found levels of aspergillus, Penicillium and Cladosporium just to name a few of the molds. Look in the documents section to see reports!

Mold Damage In Your Home Is Serious In Rock Hill

Because of the MOLD growth in our home, we have been diagnosed with high levels of mycotoxins in our bodies. A safe level in a healthy human is less than 1 ppb. My wife is 1.91 ppb, our children range from 4.01 to 6.25, and myself…18.67 ppb. We have been to see an infectious disease doctor and were told that we needed to start treatments to try to save our lives. These levels will eventually lead to our deaths if something is not done! We have been told by our experts that we need to move out ASAP and that we need to take only the clothes on our backs and destroy them before going into another home! We are originally from Tennessee and we have no family here to move in with so therefore we have not been able to get out of our mold-infested home. I cannot sell it, I cannot afford another house mortgage….we are stuck here getting sicker by the day! I feel horrible as a husband and father knowing that my wife and children are getting sicker and I am not able to do anything about it! We all live on antibiotics, my two sons that have mold in their bloodstream are on breathing treatments, I have to take a handful of medicine every day and take shots to try to neutralize the mold in my body.

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My wife has a fungus in her ear and the doctors cannot seem to stop it. They say it will eventually eat her hearing away! Our home is ruined with water damage, cracks, and mold throughout the house. Upon inspections after inspections, health experts consider this house to be deadly and uninhabitable!

Every builder should realize they made a mistake and own up to it for ethical reasons! It is funny that I read how this builder donated $12 million dollars to an art museum in Atlanta. We can’t he make this right? These are our own opinions. Read over our story, look over our documents, pictures and make your own opinions!

For every homeowner, please read through the website and realize what you could be dealing with if you have a home like this. Also if you have a story that you would like to tell, please e-mail us your story and how your dream home has also been shattered!

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